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The Charged Object exhibition view featuring works by the Yarrenyty Arltere and Anne Graham, curated by Felicity Martin






designing & curating engaged audience experiences for


Installation of Beyond 50% in Backspace Gallery, Art Gallery of Ballarat with performance video, Panmela Castro, Caminar, 2017 and installation by Aldona Kmieć, Don't weigh me down, 2019. 



In a world of naf acronyms, I thought I would add another one. CACHE stands for Culture Art; Collections; Heritage & Events. As an independent curator and marketing consultant, my work and research has been dedicated to and inspired by developing engaging experiences for audiences in the creative and tourism economies. 

Cache, the word, has some interesting connotations that ring true to what CACHE Curating is about.

(1) a collection of items that are stored in hidden or inaccessible places

Art and heritage collections, are often in storage and difficult to access. Bringing collections and social history stories to light  through interpretation and research, is one of the key functions of curating and developing engaging audience experiences. CACHE curating investigate memory and the way we store and access them to tell our stories..

2) in the online world, cache also refers to digital memory and how data is stored closer to the processor to reduce response time latency. 

Memory, response, collections, storage, display, hidden meanings, digital communication and design, creation and collaboration are all part of connecting material culture to audiences, creating stimulating, engaging and entertaining experiences. The digital environment offers inventive ways to access data and deliver immersive experiences for audiences.

Specialising in the GLAM and Tourism industries, CACHE services include:

  • curating art and heritage exhibitions

  • writing marketing strategies and plans

  • developing and managing events

  • creating public programs

  • research and reports 



Beyond 50% is an exhibition that explores art that is made by artists, collectives and the community to activate social change. Often referred to as artivism, activist art was championed by the feminist artists of the 1960's to campaign against gender inequality. Violence against women is one of the biggest barriers to gender equality and a consequence of changes in gender equality today. This exhibition brings together international, Indigenous and local artists/collectives who are adopting art making to change our social values towards rape and domestic violence.

The exhibition opened on 7 March with an official launch with Kim McConville, Executive Director , Beyond Empathy  held on International Womens' Day, 8 March 2019.

Supported by the City of Ballarat and the Art Gallery of Ballarat was held at  Backspace Gallery, Art Gallery of Ballarat.

Caminhar 2017 by Panmela Castro.jpg
Panmela Castro | Ram Devineni &
Dan Goldman | Tal Fitzpatrick | 
Catherine Gomersall | Aldona Kmieć
Beyond Empathy & Community

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